How to make you android faster in 10 seconds..(release space for installation of other apps)

First of all: Do not use any app promising you free ram or all these useless boosters that do not work

The thing you need to know:
Your android apps accumulate data …to make them load easier and other useless cookies/caches that don’t seem to matter …

#note..cookies contain your login details …so keep them handy …cuz after this you will be required to log back into your account… Yes your What’sapp data will be cleared too..but I’ve noticed that what’s apps cache files can make your phone very dull…clearing them at critical times will set you free!

Just goto settings…apps … Select the app with the biggest behind and click #clear data…

And watch your installation space increase !!! That’s all

#Disclaimer if you screw up..cause you are a dummy…maybe uninstall your apps cause you no get common sense …don’t come crying to me.. I Will beat you eh!#

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